I was born on: 2nd April 2012

I came here: April 2014

I like to: sit on my chair

I don’t like to: be bothered

I found my forever home: not yet…

Vanessa, aka Nessie, was a cat of the streets, she was used to being free and… invisible. She was way too friendly when it came to dogs and she couldn’t distinguish between a dog that had an owner and one that didn’t. But she didn’t allow herself to be touched and the upcoming mating season was already very close.

A lady who lived nearby and who fed her when she was taking her dog for a walk, took pity on her and wanted to take her to the vet for spaying. People who knew the cats said that none of her kittens had ever survived. The reasons are unknown to this day, but it was crystal clear that she had to be spayed somehow, for her sake and the sake of her unborn kittens.

Then there were some days in which the lady tried to convince the cat to let herself be touched, attracting her with goodies. It didn’t work; Vanessa could not be fooled. Probably she felt that the lady was up to “something”. Many days went by and countless attempts, but finally she was spayed and then came to us to recover. We were heartbroken when we saw how traumatized she was. Not only afraid, but completely lost. We hoped for months that she would allow us to get close to her, but she still doesn’t trust us.

We nicknamed her Nessie and she is very dear to us. She spends her time on a chair or a shelf, usually sleeping. She is especially attentive to us when it’s dinner time, and she never refuses a bowl of wet food placed right next to her. She does not run away, she does not hiss or slap, she only looks straight into our eyes to read our intentions. She does not even get up from that chair, which might be a sign that we are on the right track. One thing is certain: we have not given up yet; we still hope that one day, even if takes years, she’ll decide to let her guard down and let us enter her world, the world of gorgeous Nessie.

Adopting a cat from our shelter can only be done through an adoption contract. Why? Because we care! The conditions imposed by the Friends of Cats Association are easy to meet when the person who wants to adopt is a responsible human being and really loves cats.

Thank you!

The volunteers