Cats looking for HOME

We are proud to introduce to you our cats! Each of them has her own story, her own past. But no matter what this past is, they all deserve a real chance to a loving family and to a home where they are welcome to stay; they deserve to live their lives protected from harm; they deserve to be HAPPY!

We have an impressive number of shy cats. Most of them have never recovered from the traumas they suffered while living on the streets, hungry, chased or beaten. They will probably never have a family except us and they will stay in the shelter for the rest of their lives. NOT because they are not beautiful, NOT because they wouldn’t adapt to a new home and wouldn’t love their families (as it happened before, not once), but because those who want to adopt a cat are not willing to have patience for some weeks – or months if needed, so the kitty can have anough time to heal and gain some trust. It’s a shame, because that’s all they need to be happy: patience, time, care and love…

We know we are right, we know they can be different in a family, we do know! How? Because there were cases when people chose a shy cat and committed to giving her all the time in the world. And with this kind of attitude and with love in their hearts, they made it! And now, our shy beauties purr happily in the arms of those humans who accepted them as they were and gave them a chance. Now, they are also… HOME!

Due to countless problems we’ve been facing lately, this section hasn’t been updated for quite a while. Nevertheless, for those of you who would like to see our beauties, please follow us on Instagram where our friends posts frequently pictures of our cats.