Sponsor a cat

We were telling you on some other page about shy cats, who will probably never leave the shelter… They are all so beautiful and we love them with all our hearts! It’s just… we’re the only ones who care about them, people don’t know them. It’s sad that they live their lives without a family, even a virtual one, who’d care about their fate.

Virtual adoption is a simple way by which those who’d like to adopt a cat but cannot take her home, or those who’d like to help a certain darling can become her virtual family, or sponsor if you wish. This implies a monthly donation of minimum 15 euros for the kitty you have chosen – that’s the minimum a cat requires monthly, if she’s healthy and not under treatment… In exchange, we will send you pictures and updates regularly about how she is, what’s she doing. And if the cat sponsored by you has the chance to go home, a real home, we will surely inform you. But then, you can become the protector of another gorgeous cat from our shelter.

Whom can you adopt virtually? Usually, shy cats, cats who are with us for years now, cats nobody knows except us. It’s a woderful feeling for us to be asked: “How is Vanessa doing?” or “what’s Audi been doing lately?”. Besides, sponsoring a cat means we have to have the resources for all the cats except the one you have chosen – who has a “grant” of her own.

In what follows, you’ll see the cats we thought of for virtual adoption. This means they are the cats with the smallest chances of adoption. In order to become her sponsor, all you have to do is click on the button “Sponsor me” and fill in the form and we’ll contact you. Easy, right?

Note. Due to countless problems we’ve been facing lately, this section hasn’t been updated for quite a while. Nevertheless, for those of you who would like to see our beauties, please follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/friendsofcatsoradea/ where our friends posts frequently pictures of our cats.