Adoption questionnaire

Are you sure you want a cat? And before saying “yes”, we wish to draw you attention to some…details you might not have thought of too much before.

A cat is a family member. She can live up to 20 years if she’s cared for and has a good environment. Are you committed to taking care of her for 20 years? Are you ready to make this promise? And because she is a family member and not a toy or a mousetrap, she should be allowed to go indoors, with you and the other members of the same family.

A cat requires extra expenses, which sometimes are not such a… small amount. She needs food, sand, litter, toys and do not forget the veterinarian – be it an annual vaccine, a deworming or medical care. And everything costs …

A cat is neither a replacement for a child, nor will she linger your loneliness until you set up a family. Think well, and if you consider giving up the cat when you bring a child into the world or when you go to the altar, we advise you not to adopt. We do not give up a family member to make room for another.

A cat can scratch or bite while playing. So if you have a small child and you think a scratch is something intolerable, wait a few more years.

There are certain circumstances when, unfortunately for everyone, the family must give up the cat. We mean diseases, disastrous financial situations, unemployment … In these situations, the cat is NOT to be “given” to another adopter without our notice and will NOT be allowed to “leave” to look for another home on her own. The cat can and must return to us, if the situation is so.

And if you still want a cat and you are convinced that you will take responsibility for her, then we would love to get to know you better and find out … what cat are you thinking of?

Pre-adoption questionnaire

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