Foster care

It seems that the hardest to find are those families or people who are willing to foster a cat for a while. We are not talking about adopting the cat, we are talking about caring for that cat for some weeks until she gets her vaccine or is spayed, or for kittens until they grow a little more, or for a sick kitty to get back to her feet. In one word, we are talking about quarantine.

Why is quarantine so important?

  • in the shelter, all the rooms communicate with one another which, when you have 60 souls in your care, can create serious problems if the new cat is not vaccinated. It’s not necessarily our cats who can have problems, but also the new cat! She’s not protected by a vaccine and she can meet with one who is an asymptomatic carrier. A simple flu is enough, multiplied by 60…
  • in the case of kittens, they cannot be allowed with the grown-ups until they have received the two necessary vaccines. They are both very frail and very small, and there is no 24/7 supervision. In their case, a simple flu can even be lethal..

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