There are several ways to help our cats. They need a roof over their heads, food and medical care. And, as much as circumstances and funds allow it, we never said no when it came to helping other street cats, even if they were not residents of our shelter.

We live from hand to mouth and are limited both by space and finacial resources that we have. Not to mention the lack of volunteers. Your contributions, your donations are of paramount importance to us and we are grateful for every amount that you are willing to support our cause with.

Wtihout YOU, we will not be able to go any further.

Thank you for your support!

Since 2014, we are without a sponsor and we’ve been having really HARD times. Besides our homes and beloved pets, we care for this little shelter full of beautiful cats, each of them having their own story, their own traumas. We are responsible for each and every one of them and we are doing our best so they can have a good life. This means heating, repairs, electricity bills, water, medicine, veterinary care, litter… We love them very much and we work hard for them, even if we have regular jobs until late afternoon. But love is not enough, love doesn’t keep them warm, doesn’t feed them and doesn’t pay their bills. When you think that 1 euro is too little to donate, think again! There is no such thing as little help! Together, we can ensure a good life for those in the shelter and save others from the streets!

The volunteers

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EUR account: RO08INGB0000999904564423
ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam – Bucharest Branch


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