TNR Campaign

Thanks to you, those who have been involved in saving and sterilizing cats on the street for so many years, many more people in this city are aware of what we’ve been saying for so long: STERILIZATION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION to reduce the number of cats on the streets, to prevent unnecessary suffering of kittens born as a result of the abandonment and neglect of human beings.

Now, we will also get a much needed help, that we’ve almost ceased to hope for lately. Namely, the Dutch foundation Stichting Abri voor Dieren, through our friend Petra van Hoorn, who supported our cause, has given us funds for STERILIZING 300 CATS FOR FREE! Thank you so so much for your trust and help, both of you! It’s exactly what we need: sterilizations, sterilizations, and again sterilizations! Because we, all those who have been involved in this, are already overwhelmed from all points of view. So now, we sincerely hope that others will join us and together we will sterilize as many stray cats as possible!

300 sterilized cats are an enormous help and a long-awaited continuation of all our efforts! And why not, maybe a sign that we are on the right path and that we will all finally understand what the care for our cats and dogs means, even if they are stray or feral and living on the streets and how important sterilization is, if we want to be truly civilized. Mahatma Gandhi did not say in vain that “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

The appointments are made by phone at 0359 179 912, Vital Vet Veterinary Cabinet. Please share and, if you know people who care for stray cats, let them know!